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Hockey players development 

Introduction to HALF Program


The HALF training program was developed based on NGHockey system created by B.Dorozhenko. The NGHockey training system is not a list of single exercises just in an arbitrary combination. This is exactly the system by definition, with the transition from static, to mechanics, dynamics and the gradual buildup of muscles loading, and the development of balance, mobility, speed, physical readiness in the different amplitudes and positions. All these components in conjunction with the specific, correct, and precise positions of the legs and hands, body, skates, with the development of muscles memory, give a comprehensively amplifying result. It's not even an addition, it's the multiplication of players' capabilities. And it is necessary to study and use this system from an early age, from Mites. We tried to supplement the system with static exercises for beginner U8 with the transition to more complex exercises for U10, U12, U14, and U16.

Step 1: Power skating


In the HALF Power Skating Program we focus on teaching the proper skating techniques to increase the players' efficiency and effectiveness during the game.

We do this by having the players practice well within their comfort level and full coaches attention to small details. Once we fix their technique we bring them back up to speed so they can feel the effectiveness of skating done correctly. Remember, skating is the key component of hockey.

Step 4: Stick. Shooting


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Step 2: Edges control


The steps to proper skating skills consist of few phases. 

  • Phase 1 - skating wright, precise, then skating fast and correctly. Edges and balance are most important on this phase.

  • Phase 2 - skating correctly with high-speed and power.

  • Phase 3 - skating correctly with the puck control.

Remember, no edge control, no good hockey player.

Step 5: Game skills


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Step 3: Pack control


Are You ready for the puck

  • Phase 4 - skating correctly with high-speed and the puck control.

  • Phase 5 - skating correctly and efficiently with the puck control, high-speed under pressure.

For skating with the puck under pressure, like game situations, you are now looking at the advanced player special session in the NGHockey Camps. 

Step 6: Position. Tactic


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We are doing... 


Players personal advising 

Day skills clinics and sessions

Small group lessons 

Teams and lines coaching

Goalies coaching

Players evaluation

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