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What Equipment Will You Need?


Selection of hockey equipment is a key issue for players, parents and coaches. When purchasing and fitting equipment make certain the player is adequately protected and the gear allows for freedom of movement. The USA Hockey Parents' Introduction to Youth Hockey outlines the equipment needed for the each level of hockey. Full Equipment is mandatory in all youth hockey USA Hockey programs.


Equipment Required


  • Ice hockey skates 

  • Ice hockey pants

  • Hockey socks

  • Shin pads

  • Support cup

  • Shoulder pads

  • Elbow pads

  • Ice hockey certified helmet (with a full cage or a full shield)

  • Internal mouth piece

  • Ice hockey stick cut to proper size

  • Hockey jersey

  • Hockey gloves

Keep the premise of safety first and foremost when purchasing equipment, in order to forgo any unnecessary risks. While it is not necessary to purchase the most expensive equipment, it is important to buy equipment that fits while playing today, versus equipment that will fit within a few seasons.

Poorly fitting equipment will make learning and playing hockey, which is already considered a difficult sport, that much harder. It is our priority to help you keep your child safe! The above list is required - coaches must reviewing skaters to make sure that they are in full protective gear. Any skater found lacking any element must be asked to leave the ice for their own protection and safety.

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